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Conflict Causes Punishment

Mackenzie, Nuna, bath brush, black girls, m/f, otk, spanking

Friendship is tested after a cheer competition and Nuna is bragging to Mackenzie about winning the trophy. It's her first win and she is so excited and proud that she doesn't realize how disrespectful she is, especially being over at Mackenzie's place. The girls argue loudly and Mackenzie fights back and is very cruel to her friend. With all this commotion, Mackenzie's dad comes upstairs to find out what all the fuss is about. He is remarkably calm and tries to see the story from both sides but ultimately, he is disappointed that the girls had been so rude to each other in his home, especially since he has company downstairs.He reminds them both about how Discipline is carried out under his roof. His daughter is first to go over his lap as he starts to spank her, reminding her friend to watch as that is what will happen to her shortly. Both girls are spanked with their panties pulled down, like the naughty brats they were. He is still remarkably calm but isn't happy that the girls appear to not be learning their lesson. There's a bathbrush next to the bed and this gives him an idea. They are told to lay over the bed, their bottoms still bared, as this most stinging of wooden brushes swats their bottoms further.The girls snivel and feel so ashamed that they are being punished like this. That bathbrush really hurts! He returns downstairs, the girls are left with their sore bare bottoms throbbing from that nasty bathbrush.

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