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Naughty Schoolgirl Strapping - Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane, spanking, m/f, strap

Ashley Lane is the consummate naughty schoolgirl. Her hair in braided pigtails, dressed in a crisp white blouse with no bra underneath. A scandalously short pleated skirt reveals her long toned legs, barely concealing her ripe little bottom. She is no stranger to trouble, countless visits to the office for discipline without lasting effect on her behavior. The Principal is fed up with her behavior and is determined to teach her a lesson once and for all. She is bent over the desk, her tiny skirt flipped up and out of the way.Her gorgeous bottom is presented for discipline at the hands of the cruel administrator. She will not leave his office until the lesson is burned into her backside. Beginning with the school strap, her bottom is painted solid red with welts, only the beginning of her ordeal.

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