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Same mistake again

Tina, spanking, m/f, leather paddle

Poor Tina is in trouble again with Headmaster Tom. He orders her to go down into the cellar and bring with her the big leather paddle. As she slowly, creeps down the stone steps, her fear and dread of what's to come, is evident in her face. She crouches down in a remote corner of the cellar, in a vain attempt at making herself invisible. But it doesn't take Headmaster Tom long to find her. He feels that she has let him down badly. Twice she has sat the same exam and failed it. Now he's determined to paddle her bare bottom in the hope that the pain in her backside will sharpen her brain.He fastens her latest exam results to the wall, she has made the same mistakes again. Ordering her to hold on to the pillar and bend from the waist, with her bottom stuck up and out. He brings the leather paddle down hard on her quivering cheeks and she screams out with the pain and attempts to straighten up, but she is told to get back into position. Ignoring her obvious distress, he carries on with the paddling. Each time the paddle meets her bottom it can be seen to become a deeper angrier shade of red.Eventually ordering her to stand up close to the pillar so that she can read the paper he has previously fastened to the wall. She is told to study it then come upstairs to his office where she will be able to take the exam for the third time. Poor Tina, will she pass it this time?

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