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She will never learn

Sally, spanking, m/f, caning, black girls

Poor Sally, why is she standing with her hands against the wall, her bottom fully exposed and wearing just a skimpy top? While Headmaster Tom is sat at his computer, then he dials out on his mobile phone and has a conversation with Mr Thompson. The conversation is about Sally, Silly Sally. It seems that she has again done something to upset Mr Thompson who is now relying on HM Tom to make sure the same thing doesn't happen again. HM Tom is full of apologies, and assures Mr Thompson that Sally is about to be severely punished.He invites him to stay on the phone so that he can hear her being caned. The cane makes contact with Sally's bottom, causing her to cry out loudly. The reason why she is being punished is explained to her, although HM Tom is not at all sure that this is to be her last punishment, as several times before, she has promised to behave and is full of sorrys, but here she is back again, being caned. It seems she will never learn. Also, it is explained to her that Mr Thompson has suggested how many strokes of the cane she should receive however HM Tom is not going to tell her the quantity.So she could be in for a long painful session.

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