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A Double Caning

Kami Robertson, Lilly Lovell, uniform, prison, spanking, m/f, caning

Prison Officer Stephen Lewis is discussing with Matron McLean the sudden find of a file in Lilly Lovell's locker. They are laughing and joking about the poor English Grammar and badly spelled words. And as it's written in Prisoner Lovell's writing - they are wondering who put it in the locker. The office door is pushed open and Prison Officer Page roughly pushes Prisoners Robertson and Lovell into the room. The two girls stand mutely in front of the desk. Officer Lewis holds up the file and asks the two prisoners how it got into their locker.Matron has to tell them to answer Officer Lewis. But neither girl will admit to anything. Prison Officer Page is dismissed. Then a whispered discussion between matron and Stephen Lewis results in the decision to start spanking one of them - being Lilly Lovell - as the file was found in her locker. The hand spanking that Officer Lewis gives her has her kicking her legs and squealing after each spank. She has to be warned several times to 'put her legs down or ...' Stubbornly Lovell is still insisting that she knows nothing about the file or how it got into her locker.Matron points out to Officer Lewis that the two girls share a cell and are best mates - each protecting the other. Therefore, a change of tactics might help. The two girls are told to change places - now it's Kami Robertson who is bent over the desk and is being spanked on her bare bottom with a leather paddle. The reasoning behind this is that as friends Kami is the dominant one - so Lovell would not want her friend to suffer and would confess. The confession only happens after poor Kami has received a very painful caning by both Officer Lewis and Matron - each standing on either side of her, each wielding a cane.Then Lovell admitted she put the file in her locker. However, Kami denied it was Lovell but she did it. The mystery now was - who did do it?

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