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Dark Torment

Caroline Grey, spanking, m/f, otk, strap, prison

Prisoner Caroline Grey hasn't got a care in the world and is sleeping peacefully in her little bunk bed at Bars and Stripes Prison. Then her cell door clangs open and two masked men run in and literally drag the bleary eyed girl out of her cosy bed and over the knee of one of them. She's bewildered - and asks them what's going on - but they don't seem to be very talkative. Meanwhile, her bottom is getting very sore and when her pyjama bottoms are pulled down to her knees - she gets even sorer. The guy doing the spanking is beginning to tire, so his buddy takes over spanking the poor girl.She protests and struggles, but two strong men onto one petite little lady is not fair - so the spanking continues. To add to her confusion, the one not spanking her - gently almost tenderly strokes her face and pushes her hair back out of her eyes and mouth. Then as suddenly as they had arrived, they left. Poor Caroline lies on her bunk bed sobbing pitifully. Why did she have to go through that dark torment?

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