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Highs and Lows

Leia Ann Woods, Yasmin Garcia, f/f, m/f, prison, spanking, uniform, whipping

Prisoner Woods is lying on her bunk when Prisoner Garcia comes in - she is feeling a bit dejected. She had spent the afternoon stuffing envelopes for Prison Officer Lewis, however she was feeling randy and used her feminine wiles on him - but he totally ignored her. Leia Woods offered her sympathy but told her not to waste her time on people like him - it would be better if she paid attention to those she could trust and prison officers were definitely not to be trusted. Garcia sits next to Woods on the bottom bunk.Still feeling horny, she turns her attention to Woods and it isn't long before the two girls are all over each other. Woods makes a discovery when unzipping Garcia's tunic - she finds a stub of a cigarette between her breasts. Soon the two girls are taking turns at puffing on it. They are beginning to relax - until Prison Officer Dublin O'Brien comes in to the cell. She sees the cigarette being passed between the two girls and sniffs exaggeratedly. Of course she insists on taking a closer look and informs the two girls that it's not a cigarette but a weed - as if they didn't know.Flinging the 'cigarette' on the cell floor, she wants to know whose it is and where did she get it from. Both girls take the blame - each saying it is hers. But the prisoner's code is that they don't tell the prison authorities the truth. So Prison Officer O'Brien has them both bend down with their hands on the lower bunk bed. She would hand spank each of them in turn - asking where she got the cigarette from? Each took the blame. As she was getting nowhere with them, she told them to stay in position and she'd be right back.On her return she has brought with her a flogger and she uses it viciously on each girl's bottom. However, she had to admit defeat - neither girl was going to spill the beans. So she marches Prisoner Garcia off to see the Governor - taking with her the discarded 'cigarette' as proof.

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