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Double Punishment

Harley Havik, Audrey, spanking, m/f, f/f, otk, hairbrush, strap

Audrey tells her dad it that was Harley's idea to steal his credit card but she was too scared to admit the truth and she tries to save her own ass. Both girls get a spanking but after this 'revelation' Harley also gets a leather strapping from Audrey's father. It really hurts as Harley's bare bottom is blistered and stings with shame. Audrey can only watch, racked with guilt, as her friend takes a nasty leathering which she should have received. Afterwards, when dad has dispensed with his punishment, Harley is so mad at Audrey.So in order to save their friendship, Audrey must take a hard hand spanking and hairbrush punishment over Harley's lap for her lies. Audrey agrees and takes worse than she would have if she had told the truth.. There is a lesson to learn here!

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