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Caned at School Spanked at Home

spanking, m/f, f/f, caning, otk, hairbrush

Christy thought it was funny to wear her 'Hogwarts' uniform to school on her first day at her new English school. Her mother is in the UK on business for a year and therefore Christy must attend an English school. She was given a proper uniform but instead she decides to make mockery of it and wear her own 'costume' uniform. She gets called into the headmaster's office, where she brats off and tries to be smart which only earns her more of a caning than she was already going to get. After, getting 24 hard strokes of the cane, she is sent home to mother.A spanking at school means a spanking at home, so therefore a caning at school means she gets mommy stingy hand and the wooden hairbrush across her already sore caned bottom at home.

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