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Consequences For Cheaters

Stevie Rose, Elori Stix, Skylar Rose, spanking, f/f, otk, cheerleader, uniform

One of Stevie's first disciplinary roles as coach of her cheer squad is to punish two of her captains, and one of them is her younger sister, Skylar! The cheer captains, Elori and Skylar, had been discovered spying on rival squads routines and using these for their own ends, copying them in their own team performances. This all backfired as their cheating got the team disqualified in competition. Stevie is there to remind these idiots that cheating has some severe consequences. Elori has a bad attitude and is singled out for a spanking in front of Skylar.The girls are still in their uniforms, but the shorts and panties don't stay on for long as each girl is spanked in turn and in front of the other. It's humiliating, all while Stevie scolds them both and her hard hand reddens the cheaters bottoms with ease. Stevie can barely talk to her sister, such is her disappointment... Then more is to come as the dreaded heavy 'Bad Cheerleader' wooden paddle is presented to them both. The girls receive ten mean swats of the implement which really grabs their attention.Both girls are lucky to remain in the squad after their humbling punishment and are reminded that they only have themselves to blame for this foolish cheating behavior.

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