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Game Night Series: Unluck Of The Draw - Pt 1

spanking, f/f

'In this edition of the famous 'Game Night Series', A NEW GAME is invented, entitled Unluck of the Draw. In the game, a card deck and 1-2 dice are all that is required. The pile is shuffled by the spankee, and then split into five pile of any size. The top card off each pile is slid off, making 5 individual cards face down so the spankee doesn't know what they are. The Spankee chooses right to left or left to right. The dice is rolled and the added number acts as a multiplier for whatever number is on each card (ex: a dice roll of 6 --a rolled double 3 added together-- with a 2 multiplier would make 12 swats, though a multiplier of a face card would act as a 10, meaning 60 swats).The cards from Left to Right or Right to Left represent pants, panties, bare, strap/belt, and hairbrush/bathbrush/spoon. The spankee than takes whatever she drew for herself straight through at the end, making this the UNLUCKIEST draw she has ever drawn!

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