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Bare ass 34-stroke hard strapping for Michaela sets her juicy bottom bouncing

Michaela McGowen, spanking, f/f, strap

Pert buttocks tensing, rippling, bouncing and clenching, stunning Michaela McGowen grits her teeth through 34 full power strokes with stepmom Cindy Wallace's punishment strap. It's a solid gold classic from our lost videos archive in 2008, never seen before! She's strapped in Houseguest From Hell after a valuable painting is damaged. Remembers Michaela: 'The strap really dug into my cheeks, like it was taking a bite! The sting was SO intense, Cindy was swinging hard.' Adds Cindy: 'She deserved it, Michaela's ass can take it good, I wasn't going to hold back!' Awesome slow-motion replay of all 34 strokes.

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