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Cold Comfort Far...

October 2021

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Spanked and Caned

A mixed bag of spanking and caning galleries

Updated October 27, 2021

Harley's Bedtime PunishmentHarley yelps and cries out aloud as the heavy implement brings flowing tears and a very sore, stinging red bottom. Her discipline is far from over as a tear-stained Harley is led to the bathroom for a mouth-soaping punishment.
Hell WeekAlex and Linny, if they want to remain on the team, will undergo fiery spankings to their bottoms and get to experience Harley's legendary leather paddle. Two very sore young ladies will return to the practice field tomorrow, knowing what will happen if they displease their Captain again.
Belinda Lawson Is Totally Nude, Her Bouncing Bubble Butt Spanked And SlipperedBelinda Lawson is pulled nude from her bed to go across a disciplinarian's lap for a tough hand spanking, followed by a stinging slipper. It's a lengthy spanking from multiple angles, plus a stunning slow-motion replay of that slipper driving deep into her soft cheeks to produce spectacular jiggles.
Rosie's Backlash CaningWhen she heard about the sponsored caning fundraiser, Rosie was eager to offer up her bottom to help the cause! She ended up taking 50 hard strokes. When faced with an ordeal like this, everyone copes with it differently - Rosie giggles and laughs her way through, determined to get to the end.
Halloween JengaYukari and Miwa play a three-game Jenga match on Halloween night. The winner of each game spanks the loser ten times. Finally, the girl who loses two games gets 20 slaps on her bare bottom!
Starlet - Part One - BabySarah Gregory takes the starring role in this all-star cast including Jill Kassidy, Britney Light, Juliette March, Kate Kenzi and John Osborne. In this first part Sarah is warned by her Agent that she can no longer see or be with beautiful young girls as it threatens her public image.
Home From College - Bouncing Bubble Butt OTK - Bubble Butt BeckyBecky returns eagerly from college to see the much older man in her life. Happy to jump across his lap to have her bottom alarmed. His big hand caresses her panties between slaps. Her pretty round bubble butt bounces under his big hands, warm and pink as she relishes his touch.
Internet ExposureElizabeth realizes that Jodie wasn't wearing any underwear which means she went to school that way. Jodie tries to lie and say she had it on earlier, lost it, etc, but Elizabeth isn't having it and gives Jodie a corporal punishment for not wearing it and for lying about it.
Punished For AbuseHazel is lying on the bed, removes her knickers and begins to pleasure herself, as she is enjoying her finger she gets caught! She knows she's not suppose to do that and to show her a lesson she is bent over the bed for a very hard hand spanking on her bare ass!
Chelsea Spanks AsiaAsia wouldn't tell me exactly why she needed to see me. She said she was naughty and needed to be spanked. Hey, that was good enough for me. I'm always happy to provide a naughty girl with a needed spanking. I don't know what she'd done, but it must have been pretty bad.
Diaper Spanking For Disrespectful Dress - HQ Photos PreviewFor her disrespect, Amy is going to be going out in diapers after a long overdue spanking on her bare bottom. Amy can't hide her embarrassment at this announcement and is very unhappy as her mother tapes her into a diaper and makes her pose and show it off.
Northern Spanking Classics - Severity For SarahSchoolgirl Sarah Collins is sent to see the Headmaster with a note from her teacher. She is to undergo an exemplary punishment, not just a bare bottom caning but the tawse on her hands as well, for a proper palm punishment.
FHS Classics - A Caning For Katya, Grabbing Her Ankles: That Has To Sting!Bent over with her bottom in the air, Katya Nostrovia regrets having charged a $1400 bail bond to her new boyfriend's credit card in Sugar Daddy. Payback is swift and painful from John Friday: a cane stroke for each $100 - that's 14 total, most on her bare cheeks. Now that gets results!
Education Of XeniaClassic video from Whipped Women. Xenia receives an extensive corporal punishment. Countless strokes with a crop and the dreaded cane leaves Xenia's bottom with punishment marks that will last for weeks.
Mommy's Regression Session Stevie - HQ Photos PreviewIf the spankings don't work then mommy will get her wooden backed hairbrush and beat Alora's bare bottom till it is red and bruised and she really has learned her lesson. Watch the humiliation and the tears as Stevie is regressed to her schooldays and punished just like a naughty little girl.
Taylor Rayne - Strapped At HomeTaylor swears she's learned her lesson, but David has to make sure her behavior will truly change now. He has her bend over the upstairs railing for punishment with a thick strap that leaves Taylor's bottom sore and swollen.
'down With The Elbows, Up With The Bum…perfect!' Ivy Raine Is Ready To Be SpankedIvy Raine's bubble butt feels the full force of Zoe Page's hand, as she gazes at Lucy Lauren's recently reddened bare bottom, facing the wall with her hands behind her head. Her own bottom will soon be crimson as her panties flutter down like a flag of surrender in No Room at the Top.
Failing The TeamThe Cheer Coach has had enough and takes Helen aside for a short sharp scolding discipline before spanking the sassy brat out in the open. Soria, the cheer coach, has a wicked scolding technique as well as a tough spanking arm making this a hugely enjoyable all girl uniform discipline film.
A God-Fearing Christian GirlJohn is a modern, progressive kind of guy - and he's running a modern, progressive kind of farm. When his business is in trouble, his friend Sarah Gregory agrees to help him out - but a bare-bottom hairbrush spanking from Pandora Blake wasn't exactly part of the deal...
Punished for PlagiarizingWillow has been caught with essays that she found on the internet. Not only is she using these for herself, but she is selling them to other students. Miss Matthews is livid and invites her father in to discuss this with him. He is shocked and agrees to watch her receive a corporal punishment.
Pajamas Down - Paddled And Pleasures - Ivy SherwoodPicking up a thick wood paddle, Ivy gasps at the first impact. Ragged breathing as she tries to absorb the punishing swats, whimpering over his lap. Some hand spanking, his hand trails to pet her pussy, working her into a frenzy. Will he let her cum??
Spank My Lady Parts - ZoeZoe Vandolof is given a very pleasurable and intimate spanking on her lady parts after her ass has been busted earlier. She squirms and coos from climax to climax. This is a very erotic spanking video.
Library AssistantWith a new library assistant , they go over the expectations and when they don't do a good job they get spanked! Jemma goes over the knee for a demonstration how it's done and Karen also bends over for some hand smacks! So they know what they get if they step out of line!
Dylan's Punishment Day
The film is in 4 distinct parts and this scene includes her OTK spanking in which he doesn't hold back. Dylan still isn't behaving, so in the 2nd scene he fetches the Family Cane, bends her over a chair, proceeding to mark and welt her already sore and reddened cheeks.
Creepy Doll SpankingIt is a little bit funny, a little bit scary and very painful. New girl Nikki Sweet becomes the new roommate to Clare Fonda, who has creepy dolls on her wall. When Nikki insults the dolls, crazy Clare puts Nikki over her knee for a spanking that turns that sexy bottom bright red.
Veronica Spanks Lux In Laundry RoomLux Lives was supposed to do the laundry for the sorority. She messed things up badly. Sorority President Veronica Ricci pays her a visit in the laundry room where she puts the tall, naughty lady over her knee for a painful spanking that turns her bottom bright red.
Madam Snow Punishes Iris In DungeonIris has been skimming 34 dollars off each client. Madam Sow bends Iris over and spanks her hard with her hand and a leather strap. Then she has Iris count out 34 hard swats the a large wooden paddle. Iris learns her lesson and will never skim again!
A Wooden Paddle Meets Lucy Lauren's Bouncing Bottom In PrisonCalling your guard at Correctional Institute a whore when you're already on minimum rations and sleep-deprived can only lead to one thing - corporal punishment. Lucy Lauren dreads a visit from guard Zoe Page but, even when she sees the wooden paddle, she can't keep her mouth shut.

Best Of Spanking

NS Classics - Introducing Bambi BelleBambi is a college student with an adorable face and a perfectly spankable bottom. She may look sweet and innocent but the fact that she is waiting for a stern punishment with a wooden clothes brush suggests that, sometimes, this dark haired beauty finds herself out of line.
Mood Castings - Vivien Blue, Sofie Blanche, Claudia ConnersPreview of Mood Casting Videos, where amateur girls receive the caning of their life,. With every stroke hitting their bare bottom, they are more and more on the verge of fainting, but they take them all, one by one, like a big girl. Just to gain an actors role at the famous Mood Pictures Studio!
Pajama Spanking OTK - Ivy SherwoodDressed for bed, Ivy won't be happy until her bottom is dealt with and a handful or orgasm to send her to blissful sleep. Alternating his hand with a paddle intensifies the sting through her thin pajamas painful, yet undeniably turned on.
Spankers Dream - Stevie Paddled In JeansStevie is the perfect spankers dream. Petit, curvy, round, juicy bottom just begging for some firm attention. Her pretty curves are showcased in very tight jeans, bent over the bed, presented for a good hard paddling. Her cries are music to your ears as the big paddle cracks across the tight denim.
Disciplined For A Dirty MouthAngelica's foul language is out of control and she has been sent home by Coach for her potty mouth after he gave her a spanking. When she continues to swear, Daddy tells her to get up, pulls her ear and takes her to the bathroom for the next part of her punishment... a mouth soaping!
Cards Of Pain 13Your favorite pain game returns with a regular episode now with a new player called Nikki trying to win the game against Amanda and Tatjana. As always in this game, she must distribute 100 strokes between 5 body pars (back, tits, pussy, bottom and thighs/soles). The player wins if she can complete the punishments of all five body parts.
Iris' Outfits Spankings- Part 6Beautiful Iris Sun takes multiple spankings and paddling in a number of tight and skimpy outfits, including totally nude. In total, she gets her firm buttocks spanked and paddled 16 (!) times.
Held In Place For Bare Bottom Discipline - Stevie And Skylar Rose - Too Big For Her Britches - Part 3With her panties around her ankles, Skylar is held firmly over Stevie's lap. The sound of his belt sliding through the loops sends a familiar chill through her. Thick leather collides with her poor bare bottom. The lesson is finished with a big paddle blistering her bare bottom.
Soccer Crazy - Part 2The Home team surprises everyone by beating favorite Visitor. No one is more surprised than Seira and her mom, who have made a deal that they will take a spanking if Home wins. Loyal Rina gives them a sound spanking.
Casey And Ashley's IntakeCasey and Ashley are the newest intakes to the halfway house and Nurse Bernadette is in charge of them. They are first stripped and have a breast exam. Next, they are given a taste of the style of discipline when they misbehave.
EP Castings - Dolores, CybillBefore a new model is admitted to the famous Elite Pain site, they have to go through a casting first, for testing their limits and pain threshold on camera.
Rachel Adam's Office Punishment Fantasy - Part 2Rachel dreams of being punished hard for an affair at the office. This part includes a long spanking over her skirt, then panties, then hose. She is then paddled with just her hose on and finally on the bare bottom. She also opens her bottom for bare butthole penalty swats.
Introducing Reyna St ClairPlease welcome our latest new edition at Northern Spanking, adorable Reyna St Clair. Here Cheerleader Reyna is undergoing her first spanking at the hands of Alex Reynolds. Reyna's first film for us will be available shortly.
Spandex Strapping - Face Cam - Stevie Rose Personal TrainingStevie takes a hell of a strapping, face down over a balance ball. Caught in a lie, she is still dressed in a sports bra and spandex shorts. Her bottom is pushed up, legs spread, precariously balanced for harsh discipline. The thick strap cracks down on her deserving bottom.
German Lesson - Severe Caning For A Lazy StudentFree images gallery from Whipped Women, showing spanking, m/f, bdsm and caning content.
Assistant Dria Spanked Paddled In Wet Panties And Legs Up Position Then Penalty SwatsDria is spanked hard, over panties then on the bare bottom. She then takes her panties to the sink and soaks them for a wet panty paddling with her legs open wide. She then removes the wet panties from her stinking bottom and lays on the bed for hard swats on her bare bottom in the legs up position.
Mom And Dad Spank Ten AmoretteFrom several repeated corporal punishments in the past, Ten should have learned: smoking is the stupidest thing to do! Well… as she did NOT learn, she obviously needs another painful reminder again, this time applied by Mom and Dad both, with the hairbrush and the strap.
Consequences Redu Skylar And Casey Punished Paddle, Strap And Penalty Swats - Part 1These two films were combined and triple stack edited to bring you full pleasure and enjoyment of seeing both Skylar Rose and Casey Calvert spanked, paddled, strapped and receiving some harsh Penalty Swats.
Ten Amorette Needing Some AttentionChelsea is appalled when she catches Ten sex skyping with a complete stranger over the Internet. She, of course, cares too much about Ten and her safety to allow that sort of behavior!
Wet Naked Liar - POVKyle smacks Marilyn's butt under the running water and then makes her get out, completely naked, so he can bend her over the counter and turn her soaking wet bare bottom a bright shade of red for her lying mouth!
Chelsea Spanks Cherry TornCherry has done a lot of work for other fetish companies and is a good bit kinky, for sure. She's also quite lovely of face and body. It was pure pleasure to spank her. She melted into her hand spanking, as I covered her perfectly round bubble butt with my hand spanks. She reddened up very nicely.
Violet's Bedtime PunishmentMommy takes the naughty girl over her lap for a hard hand spanking on her bare, exposed bottom. Violet kicks and squirms until Mommy has to put her into a leg lock and then continues to spank her with the hairbrush. Then Mommy scrubs the filthy tongue and the inside of her foul-mouthed girl.
Getting What She Wants - Part 1Sumire and Koharu have been friends since they were little, and now they share an apartment. Koharu has long had a desire to be spanked by Sumire, and has grown impatient.
Angelica Vee Spanking Positions 2Angelica is back and following on from her top-rated film of our popular 'spanking positions' series, we decided to make another. This sequel to our previous 'Positions' film of Angelica is sure to be just as popular and fans of Angelica will not be disappointed.
Cupcake SinClair - The Prize - Part 1Cupcake's loyalty is severely tested, as well as how much punishment and humiliation she can take: a humiliating diaper position spanking in a school summer dress; a caning in silky lingerie, all the while being reminded how she ended up in this situation, and how much better her life could be.
Post Party Argument - Zoe Page - Part 1Real life partners Michael Stamp and Zoe Page star in this series of charming scenes. In this scene, high-spirited Zoe misbehaved at a party and embarrassed Michael, so he puts her over his knee and warms her recalcitrant bottom, then stands her in embarrassing time out.
Amelia Is Paying The PenaltyAmelia is as usual in trouble, this time with her husband. Kneeling over the end of her bed she gets a good thrashing with a leather paddle just to warm up her bottom. Next she has to lay on the bed, bottom raised as he beats her with a carpet beater, lovely red marks from this.
Real Discipline Series: A Tearful Melody - Part 2 - The Final StrappingMelody has been sobbing since the start of her spanking, as her bottom is turning crimson red, yet her punishment continues. A new model with a history of spankings and unlimited potential is truly disciplined for her own benefit in this fantastic finale.
Lily's Red Shameful BottomStepdad takes Lily over his lap for a much deserved punishment. She is spanked over her regulation school knickers, then on her bare bottom. After a hard over the knee hand spanking, stepdaddy takes his belt to the girl's already sore bottom.
Spanking Gwen ViciousGwen Vicious is an adult star who is very edgy. She grew up in the Midwest, as a rebel who did not follow the rules and it got her spanked a few times. We reenact one of the spankings she received by her mom, played by Clare Fonda, and Gwen gets very real reactions to this very real spanking.
Kajira Learns About PledgingKajira Bound is a new sorority pledge who is helping Stevie Rose get ready for the costume pledge party. Kajira runs around bugging Stevie about what will happen at the party. So Stevie gives Kajira a demonstration. She puts Kajira over her knee for a painful initiation spanking with the paddle.
Madison Martin Spanks The Plumber KajiraWhen Madison finds out that Plumber Kajira Bound cannot fix the sink but still wants to charge her, she pays with a spanking. Madison puts Kajira over her knee for a long painful spanking in the kitchen, that includes her hand a wooden spatula that leaves Kajira very sorry, rubbing her sore bottom.
Naughty Sisters SpankedMaina gets a failing grade and tries to tear up the answer sheet. When her older sister finds it, Maina asks the sister not to tell their mother about it on the condition that she receives a spanking from her older sister…
Apricot Spanked For ComplainingApricot Pitts calls Madison Martin into her living room, where Apricot complains about how the pool needs fixing. Madison explains that Apricot should call in the order herself, but Apricot will not stop nagging and complaining until Madison puts her over her knee for a spanking.
Lacking Respect Costs Abigail Harding A Sound Spanking With A Leather PaddleLying flat on Mr Johnson's desk, Abigail Harding feels the results of her disrespect of wealthy guests at The Estate, as a leather paddle smacks relentlessly across her creamy bare cheeks. Her yelps show this is a bare bottom spanking to remember. Perhaps the paddle will improve her work ethic.
Rachel Spanked And StrappedRachel has stayed out way past curfew and dad is waiting for her and very upset. She has been out most of the night with no phone call. After a stern scolding she is taken over daddy's lap and given a sound spanking followed by the family strap which brings this naughty girl to tears.
Hard SellIf Del thinks getting hands-on with a potential client is acceptable, he's going to get very hands-on with her. Specifically his hand on her bottom until she learns the lesson, followed by a two-tailed Scottish tawse... applied to Del's hands, of course!
The Plumber CalledDani Loveday's husband kicks the plumber out and then tells Dani she is in for some punishment. A spanking on her bare bottom is just the start. Next a leather paddle is produced and Dani is bent over the sink as he gets her bare bottom leathered with the paddle.
Ungrateful GirlAn ungrateful attitude from Rosaleen backed up with verbal cheek that infuriated Victoria meant the situation had to brought under control, And quickly! Victoria does not take kindly to talk back from anyone, especially Rosaleen, as you will see!
Discipline For Angelica VeeAngelica is spanked, stood up against the wall, as her bare pert bottom turns red quickly but she still gives off a haughty attitude so Sarah places the brat over her knee on the gym mats then continues to humiliate and punish her.
i'll Be A Good Girl Daddy - Setting A Good Example - Friends Loyalty 4Stevie is ordered to remove her top, her shorts are removed, a lesson in humility to go with her painful paddling. Completely nude as she is paddled hard. Bending her over the bed she counts swats of the big school paddle as she promises to be a good girl.
Outdoor DetentionFaerie Willow and cheeky Miss Portia are 2 poorly behaved young ladies at St. Dunstans Catholic School. After a scolding and a long hand spanking, they both receive very hard strokes of the cane which had both girls yelping and feeling very sorry for themselves!
Spanking Day 2 - Strap And Penalty SwatsSamantha Grace looks forward to that one day a month where she is spanked and relieved by spanking. In Part two, her pretty bottom is paddled, strapped and her lady parts are spanked as she wiggles, groans and finds her climax.
Slutty Sorority Girls SpankedZoe is appalled at the behavior of the two newest pledges, Adriana and Kiki. She spanks them both as the other girl must watch. Their punishment ends with a hard strapping as their bottoms are stuck out, touching the other, so the girls can feel the other receiving the stiff leather sorority strap.
Karina with Chelsea - Pay the PiperWhen I heard that the girl hadn't been exposed to any of the great museums, gardens or other wonderful aspects of our city's culture, but instead treated to nightly clubbing, drinking and so forth, I decided to take Karina to task right then and there! You'd think a grown woman would know better.
New Year Paddling Special With Belinda Lawson Sets Her Bottom On Fire!As the chimes of London's famous Big Ben clock sound 12, the paddle is applied hard to Belinda's bare buttocks. It's a tradition that she strips stunningly nude, introducing the video in her own style. After such a tough paddling, she talks about what it was like, and shows her marks!
Four Girls, Thirty-Two Swats, Four SpankingsNaughty schoolgirls Ava Nyx, Cleo Divine, Nuna Starks, and Key Winds are in serious trouble with Principal Tubaman and their bottoms are going to pay dearly. They bend over side-by-side as he blisters their miscreant behinds with a plywood Spencer Paddle.
Curvy Belinda Bends Over Her Grand Piano To Be Spanked With A Leather PaddleCutting piano practice when you have a strict teacher isn't a good plan, as Belinda Lawson learns when her round, bouncing bottom cheeks are spanked with a leather paddle in Discipline Matters. Skin-tight athletic shorts give little protection, but they have to come down!
The Lazy SecretaryKami Robertson finds herself over a big bed with her panties removed. She is placed in just the right position to take the full strength from a leather paddle. She does take it very hard but you know, it somehow looks like she likes it!
Space GirlsThey came from outer space, from a planet called Callipygios, where spanking is the only form of sexual expression. And, they're very over-sexed! Their names are Skyla and Starla and this is a story of their adventures on Earth…
The Humiliation! Prison Officer Zoe Put Over An Inmate's Knee To Be Spanked!The relationship between prison officers and inmates is difficult, especially as Lucy Lauren has evidence of Zoe Page's indiscretions at the Correctional Institute. How else could she put Zoe over her knee for a sound spanking! Zoe knows she has no option but to suck up the humiliating punishment.
Totally Nude Bottom-Striping Caning Finale For Belinda LawsonIn this epic two-part finale of Leather Princess, voluptuous Belinda Lawson decides to take the initiative and strip naked in Early Grey's office, ready to be caned. She's lost him business with an email foul-up, so punishment is inevitable.
Naughty Wife Zoe PageZoe Page is spanked over her dress, then on her bare bottom with Michael's hand and the thick leather paddle until her bottom is painfully red, angry, and swollen leaving her looking very sorry for herself. She is stood in the corner afterward to reflect on her mean behavior and selfishness.
Madam Clare Spanks Madi LaineMadi Laine is a cute new worker that Madam Clare Fonda has taken under her wing. But when she finds out that Madi ditched a client because they had a disagreement over politics, Clare teaches Madi a lesson in discretion with a sound spanking over her knee. Madi is red and sore after this.
Going Out Again - Part 1 - LilyDressed in their finest Lily and Mia were ready to go out ad party when Mia's step-mom walked by. This time it was Lily whose bottom was first to feel the wrath of her Aunt Skyler. Lily found herself over Aunt Skyler's lap for a bare bottom spanking by hand and hairbrush eliciting bitter tears.
Do I Have To Tell You? - Part OneCece has a problem remembering little things and is constantly asking Chelsea to remind her...over and over. So, ever so patiently Chelsea took forgetful and bothersome Cece over her knee for a much needed harder reminder!
Two Schoolgirls Paddled And Penalty SwatsThis was Worst Behavior Productions first shoot. Two schoolgirls in uniform are paddled on their bare bottoms and then spread their bottoms wide open for penalty swats. Enjoy this corporal punishment video.
What's A Spanking Star To Do When She Hasn't Been Spanked In Over A Year?Belinda Lawson is back in training for hot spanking videos. Does she need some solid spankings to get her bottom game-fit? 'I said it as a joke, but they took me at my word! I was called in for spankings that had my bottom burning' she explains.
Strict Guardian: Day TwoWhen Stevie screws up Veronica Ricci's instructions for cooking and flashes more sassy attitude, Veronica puts her over her knee in the kitchen and spanks Stevie with her hand and a wooden spatula. Stevie is sent to her room, rubbing her sore bottom.
Lucy's Fantasy Spankings Take A Military Turn With A Yard-Stick SpankingIn her skin-tight military uniform, Lucy Lauren's fantasy is to be severely spanked. But she's not expecting Mr Johnson to use a wooden yardstick on her tightly bent bottom! Spanked in Uniform allows us to enjoy Lucy's private thoughts as she endures the first part of her military discipline.
Pandora Blake is Paddled and HumiliatedHigh-flying businesswoman Pandora Blake has let her boss down with her poor behavior - and Kelley May is going to make damn sure it doesn't happen again with the help of a large wooden paddle. A painful lesson for poor Pandora.
Lucy Lauren In Skin-Tight Cream Jodhpurs Presents A Perfect Spanking TargetHer bubble butt tightly encased in cream jodhpurs, Lucy Lauren is in trouble with Irish horse trainer Philip Johnson. She provokes him into spanking her bouncing bottom, first on jodhpurs and soon bare. With a dodgy Irish accent and her wicked asides to camera, this is a stinging fun scene.
Belt Strap And Paddle Bubble Butt Becky - Ny Resolutions ThreeBecky takes her place in the center of the bed over the wedge. Giggles, gasping, lurching forward, whimpering as the strapping intensifies. His heavy belt pushes her resolve to take her discipline. Two paddles, burning swats, whimpering under each crack, squealing in pain.
Chrissy Marie Special - Assume The PositionImages and trailers from some of Chrissy Marie's very first spanking videos at ATP Studios some time ago. Join Assume The Position Studios and enjoy this unique self-spanking scene, followed by an OTK spanking on her bare bottom and a painful strapping with the razor strop.
Subversive Spanking PornJoin Pandora Blake Spanking as they guide you through a retrospective of 9 years of Dreams of Spanking, looking at some of the most iconic and impactful movies they've produced. Get this 1 hour 33 minutes retrospective in your Dreams of Spanking Membership.
Senior Executive Takes A Humiliating Spanking With A Riding CropDishonesty have cost Ivy Raine a series of spankings. Faced with a blackmailing employee passed over for promotion, Ivy has little option but to bend over her own desk for a severe spanking with a riding crop. Zoe Page loses no time in pulling down Ivy's panties for max humiliation and sting!
Cheyenne Spanks Her CousinCheyenne lifts Yasmine over her shoulder to show how strong she is, but this does not scare her. So Cheyenne puts Yasmine over her knee for a sound spanking and paddling that turns the curvy bottom bright red and helps influence her to honor the original agreement.
Double Office Girl Submission5 preview trailers from one of the best spanking and humiliation videos ever produced at SpankingThem. Watch these 2 Lesbian secretaries getting into trouble with their boss, who knows how to address inappropriate behavior in office: with a corporal punishment!
Punishment Methodology 2In this series we are introducing our dear viewers to the different punishment methods worth usingon females. We guide you through this journey, which will depict pussy whipping and bastinado - sole whipping in this episode.
Monica Bouget Is In Reform SchoolShe's petite, exotic, with enough attitude to light up Reform School. When pretty Monica Bouget locks another girl out of the house in just her panties, Principal Reed gets to the bottom of it. Monica's athletic bare booty is marked with a blistering, tear-inducing 18 with a bath brush. Ouch!
My Duty As Your SisterDorothy has borrowed her sisters car and returned it seemingly with the residue of a fast food dinner strewn on the carpet and the seats. In this case a spanking across her sisters lap followed by the hairbrush on her bare bottom. Poor Dorothy, Alex is such a tyrant!
I Punish My New Polish MaidI never seem to be able to get a maid who will do her job in the manner I expect. They are all lazy and good for nothing. I decided to try a lovely new Polish girl, my friend has a Polish maid and she said she was amazing. Well I must have just come up unlucky.
Exclusive Education Part 2In the second part of EE15, Clare Fonda talks about the time she spanked one of her roommates (played by Lana Luxor). We have re-enacted a full on spanking, of course, over those yoga pants that the roommie borrowed without asking. And then on the bare bottom.
It's no good MonicaMy new maid Monica has been warned what I do when the cleaning and housekeeping is not as I like it to be. She does not seem to care about her work so a sharp lesson is needed. She is not happy but has little alternatives as I make her remove the knickers from her maids uniform and bend over.
He Wouldn't Spank MePandora is disappointed after a lackluster date with an underwhelming top. She take matters into her own hands - literally - and finally she gets the spanking and juicy orgasm she so desperately.
Spanking Catherine DeSadeMs. Trent consults Dr. Karmic about how to cope with her reckless sexuality. Dr. Karmic suggests a strong dose of applied corporal punishment to get his wayward patient back on track, beginning with a spanking on her bare bottom.
Spanked & Strapped SecretariesWho deserves a punishment, if a trainee breaks the office rule? The instructor? Or the rule-breaker? Get to know how the boss dealt with it in this HD office maledom flagellation and lesdom paddling video. Both girls got to learn a lesson!
Severe Strapping And Anal Discipline - Bruised And Plugged Bedtime For KikiBare and blistered, Kiki's poor bottom is throbbing. Two severe straps punish her to tears, perhaps the hardest he has ever spanked her. She will sleep well tonight, throbbing, bruises, and exhausted from crying. She will spend the night with her bottom stuffed to remember to be a good girl.
Morning And EveningThis classic stars 5 ladies who deliver great spanking action. It spans over a number of days in which 3 sexy ladies receive spankings in the Morning and evening. Emily Jane, Luscious Lopez and Anastasia Pierce all receive multiple spankings with hand and hairbrush from Clare Fonda and Kayla Synz.
Kay Spanked in Maid OfficeMaddy Marks runs a maid service and when Kay Richards comes into her office to complain about one of the maids Maddy sent, Maddy has some issues with Kay. So Maddy puts Kay over her knee in the office for a sound spanking and paddling.
Payback SpankingRaven is very competitive and ignored her friendship with Ava by getting her into trouble and punished, leaving her out of her team. After the hairbrush spanking, she is humiliated and told to leave once Ava believes that she has had enough payback.
The Cheeseboard IncidentSophie's pert bottom is red in moments, but she continues to deny that she's acted childishly breaking into Chelsea's home instead of just asking for her paddle. Well, Chelsea then has no choice but to put the large, heart-shaped wooden paddle to it's proper use. Cheeseboard indeed!
Brat Get The Belt And Paddle With Their Pants DownWith her pants pulled down her purple splotched bottom is exposed for more harsh belt whipping. The paddle swats fall hard and relentless, turning her bottom solid purple as she sobs. She was given a short break to rub her punished flesh and collect her composure before continuing her discipline.
Let's Eat Cake TodayYurina and Kotomi are close friends who share an apartment. One day Yurina buys a cake to eat after work, but Kotomi eats it while she is away.
Bubbles Galore: A Soapy SpankingWhat do you do with your beautiful young wife when she takes her time in the bath tub, soaping herself up and enjoying herself? Those soapy sud spankings were deceptive and stung more than you'd know if you hadn't tried this at home yourselves!
Naughty Kiki- Brutal Bare Bottom Strapping - Lessons - 2Shorts and panties pulled down past her thighs, Kiki is fully exposed for the punishing licks of the thick strap. Her bottom is already on fire from the Discipline over her shorts . He will punish her bare bottom without mercy, a well deserved bruising and welting till she can't take any more.
Justine In Bad HabitsAngry with the girl for having slovenly bad habits he puts her over his knee for a good sound spanking, first with his hand then with a small leather tawse on her bared bottom until poor Justine is in tears of pain.
Naughty And In Need Of A Spanking - Part OneChelsea has a little fun with implements and uses a stingy little ruler to present Luci's burning bottom with a bit more of a stinging bit sensation. Then, it's on to a full out thick wooden bath brush as Chelsea once again changes up the sensation to build the burn on Luci's lovely bottom!
Kiki Spanked For FlirtingWhen cute Kiki Cali flirts with Senior Sister Sarah Gregory, she gets more then she bargains for. She was expecting a little cuddling and kissing but instead finds herself over the knee of the strong Sorority Sister Sarah, getting a long a painful spanking with hand and a stingy pink hairbrush.
Spanked, Wet Panty Paddling And Penalty SwatsBeautiful Samantha Grace is chronically late to work, she blames the LA traffic. The boss has enough and she is spanked over her skirt, over her panties and finally on the bare bottom. She is late again and this time it's a hard paddling in soaking wet panties and on the bare bottom.
Girl Trouble 9 - Variety Show - Part 1When the IT department determines Nyssa was the cause of the malicious computer virus being spread throughout the company, her boss Beverly informs her the warnings are done and gives her a red hot OTK spanking.
Think You're A Big Girl?Unknown to Audrey, Samantha was a strict and mean disciplinarian who relished a chance to teach this scantily dressed slut a lesson and she threatens to tell her father everything. Audrey is scared and does as she is told and takes a spanking right over the table.
Blistering Swats With The Wooden Paddle For Stacy StocktonSo you're actually going to spank me with a paddle?' asks senior Stacy Stockton nervously. Tight denim booty shorts barely cover her pert butt as she bends over for 12 blistering swats from Mr Bateman. Vandalism has consequences - and real tears...
Severe and painful caning for pretty girl in the back yardSevere and painful caning for pretty girl in the back yard
Paddling Now For Reyna - She Lost The Bet TwoAfter Reyna is spanked she takes a bare bottom paddling from the leather paddle and the wooden board. She has a bottom that won't quit and you will enjoy watching it jump and wiggle as it is paddled and kissed a few times between swats.
Flower Bed - Part 2Lizzie's mom strapped Lizzie until she was certain that she would not behave in such a manner again. Once her punishment was over Lizzie was required to remain kneeling on the couch upon which she was strapped with her bare bottom on display to consider the consequences of her behavior.
Clare Spanks Bitsy for ClowingBitsy is a new callgirl who wants to be a comic. When clients complain to Madam Clare Fonda that Bitsy ruins the mood by trying her material during sessions, Clare lays down the law with a sound spanking that teaches Bitsy that she needs to focus. Good thing she does standup cuz it hurts to sit now.
Mackenzie Spanked To Tears By MommyThis time Mackenzie will learn a very tearful lesson as the bath brush hits poor Mackenzie's tender cheeks again and again. This painful short sharp shock punishment makes Mackenzie cry and promise that she will do better at school from now on!
Adriana Gets Spanking RulesAdriana Evans is ready to be the new roommate for Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) but she discovers that she must now read the roommate rules while Kay spanks her. Kay uses her hand and hairbrush to break in Adriana, who ends up with a sore, red bottom afterwards.
Seductive Slut Spanked And StrappedWatch sexy Veronica take her position reluctantly over Cheer Coach Lake's lap as he spanks her hard over her panties and, of course, with them pulled down when she refuses to show any contrition for her behavior.

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